Honda Africa Twin crashed!

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine writer Mikko Nieminen was on his first ‘Masters’ ride with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), when the front tyre suddenly broke traction. We’ve watched the video dozens of times, and can’t work out what happened, besides a particularly slippery patch of Tarmac.

“I was riding at about 32mph (in a 40 limit),” Mikko told us, “and turning into a gentle right-hand corner when the front wheel suddenly washed out from underneath me and I found myself sliding down the road behind the Africa Twin. Luckily the spill had happened at a fairly low speed, so I escaped unharmed and the bike suffered only minor damage. As I picked myself up from the floor the first thing I saw was two Morris dancers running towards me to see if I was ok. I was fine, I assured them. I didn’t want to point out that I was more shaken by their sudden appearance than the crash.”

Despite relatively minor cosmetic damage, the bill for parts still came to an eye-watering £1675.07.

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