BykeParking – why has it taken so long?

At last, we finally have a free app built by bikers and specifically for the biking community that helps riders search for, identify and navigate to available, secure and legal parking bays across London.

For those riders that have been navigating London streets for years now, you will know the challenge we have in finding legal parking bays, especially when travelling to a new part of town.  The newly released Byke Parking app finally gives us a reliable, easy-to-use and accurate solution.


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Tech entrepreneurs and co-founders of Byke Parking, Michael Horrigan and Jana Dowling, both bike riders themselves, have been frustrated for years at the lack of focus on the biking community from the established online map providers such as Google, Apple, Waze and others.

Local boroughs across London have continued to roll out clearly marked, legal parking bays for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, but the established online map services have failed to keep up with accurately mapping these locations, often not even mapped at all.

Jana and Michael have sought to change this, with a real focus on what bike riders really need, namely easily searchable parking bay locations close to end destinations.


Launched in April 2021 on both the Apple and Google app stores, Byke Parking allows riders to enter an end-point destination, the app then zooms in to this location with a quarter mile radius, and identifies the available motorbike parking bays in that location.

Each bay has a small and large window of additional information on each bay, including: distance to destination; security provisions; paid-for or free parking; a photo of the bay for easy identification when riding; and length of bay.

The app then gives riders the option to use the in app navigation service, or to connect to Google route planner.


Ultimately the Byke Parking app is the solution we have all been waiting for, an easy to use tool to reduce the time we have historically wasted riding around streets looking for parking bays.

The app now gives us the ability to plan our journeys in advance, or while on the move, saving us time and ultimately fuel and money.

With the increase in the number of motorbike and scooter riders in London, as their preferred method of everyday commuting and personal travel, this app will help all riders and the community at large, making two-wheel travel safer, more economical and more efficient.


The app currently focuses on London, but it is already expanding the areas that it covers, adding new bays everyday, and with plans to map other major sites around the UK.

Byke Parking hopes to become the dedicated map service of choice for UK bike riders.

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