Aprilia Tuareg riding

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Aprilia 660 Tuareg

After a variety of flights taking us from London to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, we’ve had chance to throw a leg over Aprilia’s new midrange adventure bike, the 660 Tuareg.

While we’re still damp from the torrential showers during the test, we’ll put together some words for a brief synopsis ahead of the full test appearing within the pages of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure January 2022 issue (on sale 3 December 2022, or pre-order yours here).

Aprilia Tuareg riding


Sitting right in the middle of the Aprilia range the Tuareg shares the same parallel twin 660 powerplant as the Tuono and RS, but becomes the only bike that the Italian company produce that is focussed on the adventure market, with an ability to cover lots of miles on tarmac and dirt.

That engine has been re-tuned for a fuller midrange to suit offroad and touring, and while it doesn’t have the peak power of the RS660-spec unit, it is still a playful and enthusiastic powerplant that makes a delightful tune through the airbox when allowed to rev out beyond 5,500rpm. It has a smooth delivery that is ideal for on-road riding, through-traffic commuting and off-road exploring too, and the onboard electronics allow for easy shifting through the rider modes, with the Offroad mode removing the ABS and traction control from the rear wheel to result in a playful bike that will be capable of showing a clean pair of heels to many larger adventure bikes.

While the seat isn’t especially low at 860mm, it is narrow and I could easily put both feet flat on the floor, yet the riding position is still roomy enough for long days in the saddle, and there are a range of factory aftermarket parts that include hard and soft luggage. The suspension at both ends gives an impressive 240mm of travel, with a 21” front and 18” rear wheel ideal for aggressive off-road rubber if required.


Aprilia Tuareg static offroad

The Acid Gold, Martian Red versions of the Tuareg chime in at a competitive £10,600 with the Indaco Tagelmust scheme that is inspired by the original colour scheme of the ’88 model costing an extra £500.

There’ll be a full in-depth review of the bike in the upcoming issue of Motorcycle Sport and Leisure magazine January 2022 issue, but if you want more information in the meantime, visit: www.aprilia.com


Aprilia Tuareg riding offroad

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