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Long Termers: Yamaha Niken GT


The Niken GT might be designed to cover serious mileage, but I’ve actually been riding it primarily on my daily commute. It’s a good stint; 20-odd miles each way across rolling Lincolnshire countryside which gives me a good chance to stretch its legs on the reg.

Yamaha Niken GT

It’s incredibly easy to live with; while it’s a little heavy to shift around thanks to that extra wheel, once you’re rolling the weight completely disappears. There’s loads of protection from the chunky front and good coverage from the adjustable windshield, and it’s comfortable, too. Solo or two up, the Niken’s a properly lovely place to be – with a plush seat, relaxed riding position and plenty of room to stretch out. Even the missus was impressed. She said she’d happily sit tight on the back for a few hours at a time. Her only gripe was that she felt a little battered by the wind, though I suspect a larger touring windshield would help to alleviate that issue. The substantial panniers and heated grips are welcome additions, which further improve its usability. I don’t know why every bike doesn’t come with heated grips as standard…

It also handles surprisingly well, offering so much confidence-inspiring grip that’s seen me push harder and faster than I would usually. The additional grip from the extra front wheel only helps, and even in poor conditions it’s easy to make swift progress on the Niken.

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It might not be to everyone’s taste, and I’ve had a little bit of stick from more ‘traditional’ bikers, but there’s no doubt that the three-wheeler from Yamaha is an exceptional motorcycle. It just works. I’ve really fallen in love with it, and if I had the cash in the bank, I’d be very tempted to snap one up.

Simon Meyer / Four months / 1120 miles


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