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AirHawk – Seat Comfort Technology

Ride on-air with AirHawk Seat Cushions and seriously extend the time you spend in the saddle. Airhawk’s DRY FLOTATION technology was originally developed for wheelchair users, who were at risk from pressure ulcers. Inter-connecting air cells in the cushion equalise forces over weight-bearing areas of the body and this system proved equally effective for motorcyclists. Airhawk comfort seating systems have also been used by Ewan McGreggor on his Long Way Round trip. Not only do Airhawk seating pads relieve numbness, but they also help to control vibration and absorb shock.

SDoc100 Motorcycle Care

SDoc100 is Germany’s No.1 motorcycle cleaning brand and for good reason. The SDoc100 range covers the general day to day cleaning of your motorcycle, cleaning and lubing your chain, stopping corrosion and keeping your motorcycle clothing in top condition.

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Bruhl Motorcycle and Car Dryers

Eliminate water spots and corrosion associated with moisture left in hard to reach areas and electrical switches. The Bruhl vehicle dryers have been designed specifically for use on motorcycles, cars, trailers and caravans with various shaped nozzles and robust construction.

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