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  • News: It’s been a busy four weeks in the motorcycling world. Stinger beware.
  • Products: New kit for both new and not-so-new riders.
  • Maynard Hershon: A genuine enthusiast is identified by…
  • The High Sider: Racing from the sidelines.


  • Zoe Cano: Riding across the North bit of Middle Earth. And not a hobbit in sight.
  • Touring news: It’s a festival full of ideas.
  • Day ride: Belgium and not a bun in sight.
  • Richard Millington: On the subject of having a spare in the cupboard. And insurance.
  • Mid ride: Czech Republic. And not a Brno-out in sight. Sorry.
  • Long ride: Canada. That’s a looong way, ayyyyyy. Accent joke for the Hosers.


  • Honda’s X-ADV: Looks like a nutter. Goes like a dream. Funky all round.
  • Yamaha’s Tracer 900 and 900 GT: More of this. More of that. More of everything the old Tracer needed.
  • Honda’s CB1000R: Quicker than a ‘Blade (to a point). Looks terrific. Smells of avocado.
  • Triumph’s Speed Triple: Sharper. Meaner. Better looking for 2018.
  • Moto Guzzi’s V7 specials: Three variations on a theme. The theme is super cool Guzzis that stop and go really well. We’re in.
  • Used test: Yamaha MT-10: Now is the time to buy and here’s everything you need to know.


  • Taking the perfect TT photograph: It’s not luck, it’s art. Secrets revealed.
  • Coming classic: Spend your money here. Better than a bank. And more fun (probably).
  • Reflections: Ducati’s 1979 Pantah. Essential to what we now know as Ducati.
  • What’s on: Things coming up in the biking calendar that you might find interesting to go to or ride in.
  • Tried & tested: Kit that we’ve ridden in and, sometimes, crashed in. What’s good and what’s not.
  • Kevin Cameron: Changing gear in a gear changing world.


  • ¬£100 Hound: Bertie has spent his own cash. Not a lot of it, granted, but it has landed him a VFR with some work to do.
  • Au Revoir Strom: Time for Mossy to wave a tearful goodbye to his Suzuki. He has loved this bike. Oh deer.
  • Bonjour, mille quatre vingt-dix: Entering the ring, from the orange corner is the beginner’s big boy Adventure bike. Roger steps up to see what’s what.

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