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  • News: This is what we spy with our beady little eyes this month.
  • Maynard Hershon: The story from 1964 concludes.
  • The High Sider: One down, more to go?


  • Day ride: This is the way to ride into Birmingham.
  • Richard Millington: Why is it that time management on tour never works?
  • Mid ride: Ireland’s Atlantic coast makes for great riding.
  • Long ride: Riding into northern lights in Russia.
  • BMW S1000R to Spain: Most people take a touring bike on a tour. Not our Ross…
  • Ducati World Tour: In 1957 two men did a Charley and Ewan on Ducatis. This is their story…


  • MV Turismo Veloce 800 SCS: It rides great, it will make your mates green with envy and look, no clutch!
  • Sinnis Terrain 125: An adventure bike for less than £2500! Can it be any good?
  • Brough Superior Pendine Sand Racer: It’s a Brough, but not like the others.
  • Das Originals: Back in 1978 these machines put the ‘super’ in superbikes.
  • Benelli TRK502K: A Chinese-made Italian adventure bike. What’s that like then?
  • Buyer’s Guide: This is how to bag the king of adventure, a BMW R1200GS.
  • Classic Test: 1974 – the year of the Yamaha TX650.


  • Knowledge: Speed limits come under the MPs’ spotlight.
  • Coming classic: Suzuki GSX-R750Y: the best of the bunch.
  • What’s on: These are the places to be.
  • Tried & tested: This time it’s not just about kit. We’ve been reading too.
  • Kevin Cameron: Radial valve layout – is it the way to go?


  • Honda CB1000R: Tony has found the bike’s niche. And all it took was a deluge.
  • Kawasaki Z900RS: Bertie is trying to convert the original Z1 fans.
  • Honda X-ADV: For Mossy this Honda is better than a ‘Blade.
  • KTM 1090 Adventure: Riding with a police escort makes for an interesting tale.
  • Husqvarna 401: It’s very nearly as practical as it is funky.
  • Yamaha Tracer 900: It’s bike night time for Jono.
  • Honda Africa Twin DCT: When Matt met the AT (again).
  • Suzuki GSX-S1000F: Stuart turns the naked into a kind of tourer.


Enjoy everything MSL by reading the monthly magazine, Subscribe here.

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