MSL receives MAG Media Award

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has awarded Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine its annual Media Award.

It’s official: MSL is an award-winning magazine! The MAG Media Award is presented to a journalist or a publication for informed, accurate, balanced and ethical reporting of issues related to motorcycling and motorcyclists.


Andy Carrott, MAG vicepresident said: “I nominated Motorcycle Sport & Leisure as it is perhaps the only mainstream motorcycle magazine that has consistently reported on riders’ issues and has done so for many years. With the exception of custom magazines that have regularly featured riders’ issues, riders’ rights tend to only get to the fore when there is a degree of sensationalism involved.

MSL has, with Dr Leon Mannings’ column, various editorials, and other features  covered political (with a small ‘p’) matters and riders’ issues in every issue.

MSL definitely ticks the boxes to receive this award.” Mikko Nieminen, MSL acting editor, said: “This award is a testament to the talent and commitment of everyone who’s involved in putting the mag together each month.


“We have a great team working on a high-quality product, and the best readers in the world – we couldn’t be happier to receive this award!”

The Motorcycle Action Group is the country’s leading organisation when it comes to representing riders’ interests. If you are interested in becoming a member, call 01926 844064. Single annual membership costs £27 (just over 50p per week).

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