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  • News: The biggest stories in biking this month – including genuine from-the-bushes scoop photos!
  • Timur Sardarov: MV Agusta’s money man shares his vision for the future.
  • Maynard Hershon: Bikes, girls and England. All the way back in 1964.
  • The High Sider: Sporting prowess from hiding behind the sofa and moaning at the telly box.


  • Day ride: Can you get from Essex to Ypres and back in a day?
  • Richard Millington: What if the bike you really want doesn’t fit your image?
  • Mid ride: We love riding in Spain. This time it’s the Pyrenees.
  • Long ride: Short nights, long fjords, cheap ferries and expensive cheese in Norway.
  • Toro Trail: English rider, German bike and Spanish trails are the perfect mix.
  • Travel: From the four corners of the globe they came (back).
  • Cagiva fest: If you want to see lots of Cagivas in one place, this is it.
  • Moto Gymkhana: The boys are getting faster, sharper, and still nowhere near the podium.


  • BMW C400X: They had a rubbish World Cup, but the Germans know how to make scooters.
  • KTM Freeride: If you want to venture right off the tarmac, this is the way to do it in quarter-litre style.
  • Redfox Grinta Ducati: Built for the Classic TT. This is a bike you could make yourself.
  • Curtiss Zeus: Whether you love it or hate it, this electric machine is certainly unique.
  • Classic test: Honda CB750. It’s a classic alright, but how does it measure up these days?
  • Used test: BMW K1600GT. There’s something about that six-cylinder engine… not to mention all those gizmos.


  • Coming classic: Where to put your money if you’re looking to the long term.
  • What’s on: Don’t miss these events in the next few weeks.
  • Tried & tested: Our real life tests tell the truth behind the marketing spin.
  • Kevin Cameron: What wins races – the rider, the bike, or something else altogether?


  • Honda CB1000R+: Attention seeker’s delight!
  • Kawasaki Z900RS: Classic looks or a classic ride?
  • Honda X-ADV: Chris changes his habits to suit the bike.
  • KTM 1090 Adventure: Roger meets the ‘egg boys’.
  • Husqvarna 401: Ross enjoys the Black Arrow.
  • Yamaha Tracer 900: It’s got what Paul needs.


Enjoy everything MSL by reading the monthly magazine, Subscribe here.

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