Protect your pride and joy with BikeBox24’s Motorcycle Locker

Motorcycle security is more important than ever in the UK.And to combat the increase in theft and motorcycle related crime, BikeBox24 has come up with a novel solution to help you keep your pride and joy safe and secure.

Compact enough to stash in the back of your garage, on your driveway, or almost anywhere you fancy, BikeBox24’s motorcycle locker is a great way to keep your bike protected. In fact, the German-made and manufactured locker has proved itself so reliable, that it’ll actually be able to be approved 
by your insurance company to keep you covered against weather damage, vandalism, and theft.


Available in a couple of sizes – either standard or XL, depending on the type of bike you’ve got – the BikeBox24 motorcycle locker is a great solution to keep your kit safe. Okay, it isn’t necessarily cheap. The standard will set you back close to £3000, while the XL will be closer to £4000 – but it’s not like putting up a proper solid structure, you can take the BikeBox24 locker with you if you move house.

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