REVIEW: GS27-Moto disc, brake and chain cleaner test


£8.96 | | 0035 3749 162048 | Tested by: John Milbank, Editor Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine

I hate not having this stuff to hand in the garage – it’s all too easy to blast through a can when cleaning particularly filthy chains and brakes, and if I’m stripping calipers it’s vital – so I always tend to buy it in bulk.


Unlike some cheaper cleaners, the GS27 has a very powerful nozzle to blast away dirt. The can also comes with a second nozzle equipped with a longer tube for more delicate and accurate cleaning.

I generally prefer to blast the crud off my bike, so it’s good to know that this powerful solvent is compatible with O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring (Teflon, nylon, rubber, silicone, neoprene etc) joints.

Spraying chain lube on top of a grubby chain is a bit pointless, but regularly keeping it tidy with this and chain lube reduces the amount of both that you need to use, and prolongs the life of the chain. Essential.


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