Save money with R&G’s ‘Dry February’


Yep, it’s been raining. Again. Luckily, our friends at R&G have some fantastic stay-dry offers for you and your bike under their ‘Dry February’ promotion.

Any motorcyclist storing their bike outside will be all too aware of the dirt and grime that can quickly build up from exposure to the elements. The R&G Bike Covers are designed to protect your pride and joy, shielding it from wind, mud, rain and dirt. Made from a rugged and fully waterproof material and featuring an elasticated rim and belly straps, the R&G covers ensure a snug and secure fit over the entire bike. 

R&G Motorcycle Cover

These covers are also a great way to keep your pride and joy less visible to thieves, and each cover comes with front and rear chain loops for chains and other security devices, which are covered by a Velcro® closing flap to ensure complete waterproof protection. Each cover also features a reflective R&G logo and trimming and a clear PVC rear window and curtain, allowing the number plate to be visible or covered depending on rider preference.
The R&G Bike Covers are available in various shapes and sizes, ensuring that everything from large tourers with panniers to scooters can be fully protected. In addition to the waterproof options, riders keeping their bike in the garage can opt for the R&G Dust Cover. Coming in a choice of black or red, the breathable and soft covers are ideal for keeping a bike looking spotless while being stored.
Prices start from £26.74 for the Dust Cover and £38.33 for the Bike Covers.

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Any customers purchasing directly from R&G between now and February 29th will be able to enjoy a 15% discount as part of the ‘Dry February’ promotion which also covers R&G’s Wet Knee Sliders, Rain Suit and Umbrella.
The full range can be found at https://www.rg-racing.com/browsetype/Bike_Covers/.


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