TESTED: EDZ Midlayer Jacket review


£30 | www.edzlayering.com | 01900 810260 | Tested by: John Milbank, Editor Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine

EDZ has long been supplying top-quality layering for a range of outdoor activities – I’ve had one of the company’s original base-layers for well over ten years now; it’s not one I wear on every trip, but it’s had some serious abuse under my sweaty leathers on track days, launches and spirited road rides.


This new fleece jacket is likely to get a lot more use, especially as winter really takes hold. It’s designed specifically for biking, so is a snug fit without over-long or baggy sleeves, has a high neck, and covers most of my hips, so is easy to tuck into my textile trousers.

The 165gm microfleece material is fairly lightweight, so doesn’t add significant bulk, but it’s enough to create that all-important air-gap that helps to keep you warm.

Remember that fleeces aren’t windproof, so need to be used under other gear – it’s all part of the layering process – how many times have you seen someone in leathers with a fleece on over the top? It just doesn’t work.


This is carefully-designed kit specifically for bikers. It doesn’t look garish when you stop, has two external pockets to keep your hands warm, and two inside as well (though you won’t want to put too much in these when riding). When I first put it on, my wife said “ooh, that looks nice”. A result all round, I’d say.

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