TESTED: Held Titan gloves review

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£249.99 | www.held-uk.co.uk | 01423 790121 | Tested by: Bruce Wilson, Deputy Editor Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine

These are the most expensive gloves I’ve ever had, but they’ve also lasted the longest. They’ve been with me for nearly four years and I’m reluctant to try anything else. They fit like a glove, ahem, and having crashed in them, I can vouch that they are as tough as leather. Kangaroo leather at that, aided by stingray fitted to the palm which is highly abrasion-resistant but also doesn’t ‘grab’ like leather. Watch your paintwork though – this can scratch your tank if you rub your hands on it too much.


There used to be two titanium knuckle protectors, but I lost one in the crash. The hardened material below the titanium is still more than up to taking a knock, so I’ve not bothered to send them back to Held, who have told me they can replace the missing plate.

Being Held, they have a superb rubber visor wiper on the left finger – a brilliant design touch.

My first impressions of the gloves were that they were restrictive, but once they’d bedded in they gave me a fit I’d never known before. These mitts have recently been superseded by Held’s new Titan Evo, which has taken the spec up another level. I can’t wait to get my hands in some.


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