TESTED: Redant Motorcycle Cleaner and Power Clean review


£7.95 & £9.49 | www.redantbikecleaners.com | 01825 872726

For general cleaning, Redant’s Motorcycle Cleaner is promised to be easy and safe to use on all bike surfaces – just spray the bike and leave it for three-five minutes before washing off. It’s reasonably priced at less than £8 for one litre, but you can also buy it concentrated. At £11.99 for one litre it’s great value, though I don’t dilute as far as the 1:10 suggested on the bottle.

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For really ingrained filth, Power Clean is sprayed on and left for five minutes (ideally after using the standard cleaner). It changes colour as it works, going from clear to purple, and smells like rotten eggs. Despite the stink, I used it to clean a dirt-bike’s swingarm of several years’ grease and grot to great effect.

Redant has a respectable range of cleaning kit available, including a carnauba-based wax and matt-finish protector. For me though, it’s the cleaning power of these chemicals that appeals most, before another – albeit slightly obsessive – coating of ACF50.

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