TESTED: Roadskin Beast jeans review


£149 | www.roadskin.co.uk | 01288 275002 | Tested by: PC Simon Burgin

PC Simon Burgin is an advanced police motorcyclist, the BikeSafe lead for Cambridgeshire and a forensic collision investigator. He sees what can happen in traffic incidents, and while he’ll be in full Hideout leathers when on duty, he won’t be in any rubbish when he’s riding his own bike.


We asked Simon to try a pair of Roadskin Beasts; these EN13595 jeans (protective clothing for professional motorcycle riders) come with CE-approved armour, a rain-resistant coating and a double layer of DuPont Kevlar lining throughout. That means complete coverage of 640gsm para-aramid. They’re warm, and that lining obviously adds bulk, but they offer a high level of protection; “I like them. I’ve used them mainly for coming to work (about 30 miles) and popping into town. We had a leaving do the other day, and these were ideal for getting there, and standing around. They’re comfortable to wear when I’m off the bike, and they fit me a treat. I’m confident in them, especially with the knee pads in.

“I wouldn’t use the pockets when I’m riding because they’re open – I don’t like the thought of something wriggling its way out. I know it’s unlikely, but it’s just habit – everything I’ve worn has always had zips on, so anything I put in those pockets, I know it can’t come out.”

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