Tried & Tested: DCX Drifter boots

Tested by: John Milbank¦£259.99¦01425 478936


Yet again, I find myself extolling the virtues of TCX boots. Like every other pair I’ve worn, they’re comfortable, CE-approved, secure and great looking.

The Drifters are a vintage off-road-style waterproof boot made of gorgeous, thick brown leather using aluminium cam-over buckles and tough plastic ratchet adjusting straps.


The elasticated tops sit easily against your calf, with enough flex built into the entire construction so that, despite their height, the Drifters are comfortable both on and off the bike. They’re bound to be popular with scrambler and adventure bike riders, and have a purposeful look that’s much more than skin-deep.

Like the Hero boots reviewed last month, the soles are stitched to the boots, meaning they could be replaced if you wanted (though I’ve never had any problems with TCX soles). If the style works for you, these are yet another recommended pair from the Italian company.

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