Tried & Tested: Givi V56N Maxia 4 top case

Tested by: Nikko Nieminen|From £258.78|

I don’t think I’ve been without a Givi top case at any point in at least five years now. The first one I got was the Givi E45 Monokey, and it came into my life on a ratty old Fazer 600 that I bought on eBay. The bike was sold on at a distressing loss within a year, but I still have the Givi box.

The new V56N Maxia 4 top case is bigger, better and prettier than the old one: it boasts a 56l capacity and swallows two full face lids easily, it’s got a carry handle and it is much more streamlined.

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Old and new – now you can’t say they haven#t evolved.

Aerodynamically, the new case is miles better than my old one and I honestly can’t even tell it’s on the back of the bike when I’m riding. It’s also proven to be 100% waterproof on the many wet rides I’ve had with it.

The new case is nice and  light to carry around, with the little pop-up handle a particularly useful feature. It folds down when you’re riding and can be popped up when you want to carry your case by hand.

Handy handle – the new case is easy to carry around.

Keeping the case clean is pretty easy too, as there aren’t many nooks and crannies, so you just need to give it a quick wipe after a ride and that’s it. If you already have a Givi Monokey plate on your bike, the new case will simply click in place. If not, it might be time to see about bolting one on.

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