Tried & Tested: Oxford X4 QR tank bag

This is a good, compact tank bag with useful features, such as the detachable map case and the sat-nav holder that Velcros to the top small pocket. I liked the way the bag clips on and off the tank ring easily (which has to be bought separately to suit your bike, at £14.99), and feels secure when clipped on while staying clear of the paint.

The shoulder strap is useful if you’re going to carry it for any length of time, and I managed to get plenty of useful items in the main compartment – unlined waterproof trousers, spare gloves, purse, house keys… and I could have managed a few more bits if necessary. Plus the top pocket has more than enough room for my phone.

Tank rings make it easy to clip the bag on and off.

However, on my Triumph Street Triple, the fuel cap is quite a long way back, so when you attach the bag it presses against your stomach. On other machines with the filler closer to the bars, it can foul the steering, so do check.

Tank rings make it easy to clip the bag on and off.

In my case, it wasn’t an issue when riding generally, but it took a while to get used to, and does make using the map cover pretty much impossible as the details you need to see are too far back. It also hindered my usual technique when turning to look, being me, for instance on a slip road.

Tested by: Elise AllenI¦£79.99 + £14.99¦¦01993 862300