Tried & Tested: RST Pro Series boots

Tested by: Mik

ko Nieminen|£179.99|

RST took the development of its Pro Series boots seriously, with over a year of testing and development, and nine prototype versions, before the boots hit the shops. So was all that development worth it? It certainly was – the boots are well thought-through, CE-approved, and the fit is great.


The first thing I noticed about these track-oriented sports boots was just how comfortable they were despite all the protective features: The hinged ankle support prevents over-flexion or over-extension of the ankle, but doesn’t squeak when you walk like some do; the TPU backed aluminium alloy toe slider is replaceable and stops the boot getting scratched if you drag your toes on track, but it doesn’t dig Into your foot as is the case with some boots; And the TPU shin plate offers protection without you even noticing it’s there.

The main material for the boots is microfiber with leather panels, which makes for a light and durable combination. The Velcro-tag on the side zip is a nice touch and ensures that the zip stays up. There’s a gear-shift pad, reinforcements around the toes and heel, and a non-slip sole, all of which add to the overall quality feel,


The only limitation of these boots is that since they have been designed to be super-breathable with perforated panels and forced air induction to heel and shin, they are not waterproof.


These are great boots for sunny days on track or road, with tots of protection, impressive levels of comfort and stylish sporty looks.

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