Watch Pol Tarrés Fly Across A Moroccan Canyon


Riding is an excellent method for self-discovery and pushing boundaries. This short film is the the third installment of the Seeker series, which forms a trilogy of beautifully filmed short films featuring Pol Tarrés. As a unique hard enduro rider, Tarrés effortlessly handles his Yamaha Ténéré 700 like a lightweight dirt bike, a task that would prove much more challenging for us average riders! This new video is no exception to his incredible skill.

On this occasion, the Echevarria brothers and Tarrés, along with the rest of the team behind this film, ventured to the magnificent desert landscapes of Morocco. As in previous trips, Ahikar Azcona, an actor and avid motorcyclist, also joined in on the adventure.

Described as a homage to Morocco, the movie was filmed during the team’s involvement in the 2023 Morocco Desert Challenge. Tarrés placed third in the competition, clocking in at 23 hours, 41 minutes, and nine seconds. Rui Gonçalves secured second place with a time of 22 hours, 13 minutes, and 58 seconds, while Lorenzo Santolino claimed victory with a time of 22 hours, eight minutes, and nine seconds. All very impressive—yet ultimately overshadowed by the captivating footage captured during their journey.

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This time, the narrative was non-existent. The Seeker, also known as Tarrés, passed his leisure time by biking around and discovering new places. He explored small edges, sandy terrain, and even attempted a daring jump over a canyon (which they only did once, as nailing it on the first try meant not risking a second). There’s no coherent storyline here; rather, it’s about embracing the present moment. Tarrés showcases his already impressive abilities and then challenges himself to go beyond that. And so, that’s how the canyon became a part of this story.

The Moroccan people were devastated on September 8, 2023, by the deadliest earthquake to hit the country since 1960. With a magnitude of 6.8, it claimed over 2,000 lives and caused injuries to many others. According to the US Geological Survey, the quake’s impact was widespread, directly affecting at least 300,000 individuals as reported by the World Health Organization. In light of this tragedy, the Echevarrias and Pol Tarrés have dedicated their film to honor and support the resilience of the Moroccan people.


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