when is a motorcyle tour not a motorcycle tour?

If you are trying to decide whether to sign up for an organised tour or go solo touring this summer, there’s time to consider a third option, which combines the best of both worlds.

Motorcyle touring is holiday time. It should be free of worries and responsibilities. If you spend your evenings planning tomorrow’s route and your days concentrating on Satnav not enjoying the sights and scenery, it becomes a chore, not a tour.

In recent years, with Google maps and navigation systems able to take you to any given place, touring has become much easier. Mind you, neither of these systems in foolproof


The advantages of touring independently are flexibility and choice. Nothing is set in stone, so you can go where you like, and you can stop when you want. The advantage of the tour company is that everything’s done for you, although you will be on a fixed route with no flexibility.

There is another option, which is to mix the best with the best. Use a local guide. Despite modern navigation systems, there is absolutely nothing to beat local knowledge.

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