WORLD LAUNCH: Triumph Rocket 3 2020

Motorcycle Sport and Leisure editor, Mikko, has recently been out to the launch of the new Triumph Rocket 3 for 2020.

With a 2.5 litre engine, 165 BHP and 221 Nm of torque it really is a beast. Here’s Mikko’s first ride.

Once you get over the fact that Triumph has built a bike with an engine roughly twice the size of those found in average cars, you notice that it’s not just the powerplant that’s impressive about the Rocket 3.


Triumph engineers have created a bike that draws you in with that gargantuan triple engine, but keeps you interested with all the clever details and high-quality components. From the fold-away pillion pegs to hiding all the unsightly wires by running them inside the frame, this looks like a very well-finished motorcycle.

For the full Triumph Rocket 3 test, check out the January issue of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure – on sale December 6.

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