Zero unveils brand-new SR and whizzy tech


Sharing the same platform as the existing SR/F, the 2022 Zero SR electric motorcycle comes as standard with the ZF 75-10 motor, tuned to deliver 166Nm (122ft-lb) of torque, peak power of 74bhp (55kW), and a top speed of 104mph (167kph), creating a more affordable option in the Zero line-up.

2022 Zero SR

The 2022 SR features the American brand’s latest generation of Z-Force lithium-ion batteries feature an all-new design, which is not only lighter, but features improved energy density and, in turn, even more range between recharges.

Zero SR dash

Buyers of the 2022 SR are able to retrospectively upgrade their motorcycle to the same level of performance as the SR/F, lifting torque to 190Nm with 90bhp and a 124mph top speed.

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Enabling the ‘Speed & Performance Boost’ via Zero’s new Cypher Store unlocks the full capabilities of the motor, as well as upgrading the SR to Advanced Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control, which adds cornering capabilities to its straight-line ABS, traction control, and drag torque control.

Zero SR logo

The 2022 SR is powered by the all-new Cypher III+ operating system and also comes with the ZF 14.4+ kWh power pack that can be expanded via the Cypher Store to 17.3 kWh. When equipped with the additional Power Tank accessory, available in early 2022, the SR’s total battery capacity can be increased to 20.9 kWh, Zero’s largest onboard battery capacity ever. The SR is also able to be recharged using the public EV charging network, via the onboard Type 2 connector, while a wall outlet adaptor is also available for those who wish to charge at home, at the office or any other place equipped with a standard wall socket. 
The 2022 SR comes in Graphite and retails from £15,790 (inclusive of the £1500 UK Government plug in electric vehicle grant, but exclusive of any On The Road charges), with availability in the first quarter of 2022.

Clever tech

In addition to the brand-new SR, Zero also announced larger capacity batteries for up to 227 miles of range and the launch of the Cypher Store, allowing owners to totally change the way they interact with their motorcycles.

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As standard, the 2022 Zero SR comes fitted with the 14.4+kWh battery, while the SR/F gains a new 15.6+kWh power pack. Zero’s fully-faired SR/S can be specified with either option, with the plus designation denoting that the battery packs can be upgraded to a maximum of 17.3kWh. Maximizing the capacity of the new battery and combining it with the optional Power Tank (available in Q1 2022) provides 20.9kWh of energy, delivering up to 227 miles of city range and 113 miles at 70mph – more than any previous Zero motorcycle. The new battery technology is lighter, and no bigger than previous generation power packs.

Zero SR battery

Owners of the 2022 SR, SR/F and SR/S can unlock the added capacities of these new batteries through what comes as another first for the industry, the Cypher Store. The Cypher Store is the latest development made possible thanks to Zero’s proprietary operating system, Cypher. The latest iteration of that OS, Cypher III+, comes standard on the 2022 SR/F, SR/S, as well as the SR, and grants owners of those motorcycles access to an on-demand marketplace of feature upgrades. Accessible with the tap of a finger, Cypher Store upgrades are a variety of performance options available either through the Zero Motorcycles mobile app or online at www.zeromotorcycles.com/cypherstore

Features included at the launch of the Cypher Store include faster charging, extended range, speed and performance Boost, park mode, heated grips, and on-dash satellite navigation. All of these upgrades are optional for 2022 SR/S, SR/F, and SR, while certain upgrades will be retroactively available to previous model year SR/S and SR/F machines with dealer assistance. 

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The Standard 2022 SR/S comes with the 14.4+ kWh power pack and costs £18,090*, while the Premium SR/S comes with the 15.6+ kWh battery and retails for £20,090*. Both options come in two liveries: Aileron-Black and Cerulean Metallic-Silver. The Premium 2022 SR/F comes in two colours (Asphalt-Metallic Silver or Red-Coral) and has the 15.6+ kWh power pack, at a price of £19,490*. The Power Tank option, increasing total battery capacity up to 20.9kWh, costs from £2,899. 

*all prices quoted are inclusive of the £1500 UK Government plug in electric vehicle grant but are exclusive of any on the road charges.


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